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"British Banya"

Here go beyond understanding what a real banya

We love banya so much and want you to share this love with us!

We aim to make you happy in this fantastic place with wonderful atmosphere using author’srituals of steaming by best bath attendants of the country.

British banya regenerate the love to bath art, creates important values and traditions: to meetyour friends and family, to take care of yourself and your relatives, slow down and enjoy everymoment, appreciate the experience.

Russian banya

  • doubles on wood
  • at the same time, we can steam 5 people
  • joint massage
  • rolling out of a fir broom
  • rubbing with honey and salt
  • pouring beer and kvass

British banya is a big bath complex located in the heart of Krasnaya Polyana, between mountainpeaks, thick Caucasian forest and Crystal springs

Aroma evaporation

  • hemisphere in diameter 5m
  • very soft steam
  • we use decoctions only from fresh herbs
  • holds 12 people
  • good start for a bathing day

Chan of Bannik

  • holds 6 people
  • temperature 40-41 degrees
  • heated by live fire
  • filled with spring water with oak broth


  • depth up to 2m
  • filled with spring water
  • oxygen filtration system


  • spring water
  • temperature +8 degrees
  • depth 2m

Tean room

  • Panoramic view at the mountains and whole complex
  • Warm and closed area to relax after emission of steam
  • Tea sets with Krasnopolyansky honey and jam of local fruits

Best bath attendants of the country

Without bragging we always say that our bath attendants are the best in Russia. To become anexpert - you have to learn and practice a lot, to think outside the box, to be able to speak, listenand hear the guest.

Our colleagues have a lot of love, care and professionalism, but each of them has its owncharacter and temperament. Annual performance review, workshops and trainings – all that helps to sharpen skills and domore than expected.

Bath rituals for pleasure and health care

Aroma evaporation

Fragrant heating in one go at low temperature. It is carried out in the clay aroma-steam"Hedgehog" melted on firewood. From 1 to 12 people can take part in the procedure.
PRICE: 4400 ₽
DURATION: 20 min

Steaming for children

Performed by one bath attendant. Made by using soft steam, not high temperature, on a singleoccasion. Unforgettable first acquaintance with steam and bath art.
PRICE: 3500 ₽
DURATION: 15 min


Performs one bath attendant. Soaring in two runs with grinding with honey and salt and coolingthe head with beer or kvass.
PRICE: 9170 ₽
DURATION: 30 min

Almost favorite

Perform two to three bath attendants. Soaring in one go. With rubbing with honey and salt. It isperformed at a high temperature in the steam room.
PRICE: 12500 ₽
DURATION: 30 min

Gladysheva's Cloud

Perform two bath attendants. Soaring in one go with rubbing with honey. The procedure includesa hair mask "Lingzhi and Shiitaki."
PRICE: 13400 ₽
DURATION: 45 min


Perform two bath attendants. Soaring in two runs with grinding with honey and salt, cooling withbeer or kvass and rolling out with a fir broom.
PRICE: 16910 ₽
DURATION: 45 min

Stalevarskoe extreme

Perform two bath attendants. Two full vapors at high temperatures with rubbing honey with saltand head massage with beer.
PRICE: 18170 ₽
DURATION: 50 min

As I wish

Performed by two bath attendants. For sophisticated guests. We add to your own ritual ourproficiency and signature British banya style.
PRICE: 23000 ₽
DURATION: 60 min

Author steaming by Ilya Levanov

Ilya is unhurried, sensitive and tender master. His author technique of steaming personifies hischaracter. Very relaxing emission of steam. Fits perfectly for those who need calm and silencenow.
PRICE: 30000 ₽
DURATION: 90 min

Author steaming by Roman Usok

Roman is talented, charismatic and sensitive to the mood and feelings of guests. Other bathattendants call him Roma-Shaman. He has many gimmicks in bath job. Level of professionalismis God like. He has 8 years’ seniority in British Banya. His style of steaming is a combination ofbest practices you can imagine. Considering your preferences, Roman will choose the mostcomfortable temperature mode and the amount of visits.
PRICE: 35000 ₽
DURATION: 90 min

Author steaming by Andrey Grekov

Andrey is a bath attendant you want to trust. He is cool, calm, attentive, and careful. He is a bigfan of background music during bath procedures. You cannot call him a bath attendant or steammaster. He is the Creator. The creator of qualitative bath ritual that can be different every time,matching the lucky hero of that magic dance.
PRICE: 32000 ₽
DURATION: 90 min

Author steaming by Aleksey Averyanov

Aleksey is very friendly and attentive. You feel calm, safe and cheerful during his ritual. He hasa big background, huge love to bath job and people. This emission of steam reminds you aboutour Phoenix. You think it cannot be better, but it is possible! These unspeakable feelings willstay in your heart for a long time.
PRICE: 32000 ₽
DURATION: 90 min

You can complete your bath procedures with SPA-ritual using natural organic cosmetics – that will exceed your expectations!


In the British Bath you will get acquainted with various massage techniques. We do allmassages based on natural sesame and coconut oils.

Express-massage of feet and head (15 min)
2600 ₽
Bottom of foot massage (20 min)
3500 ₽
Massage of head (20 min)
3500 ₽
Wrist massage (20 min)
3500 ₽
Back massage (30 min)
4400 ₽
Feet massage (30 min)
4400 ₽
Massage of head and face (40 min)
4220 ₽
Face massage (30 min)
3500 ₽
Back and feet massage (40 min)
4760 ₽
Classic massage (60 min)
5300 ₽
Bottom of feet, head massage, 2 masters (30 min)
6200 ₽
Samurai massage (30 min)
4400 ₽
Anti-cellulite sectional massage (30 min)
4400 ₽
Anti-cellulite total massage (60 min)
6200 ₽
Lymphatic drainage massage (60 min)
5300 ₽
Abhyanga massage
1 master (60 min)
5300 ₽
2 masters (50 min)
8000 ₽


We created a complex of premium-quality SPA-programs. Peeling, massage, and wrapping aremore effective after warming up in a steaming room than in traditional salon. We use Russianbrand of cosmetics “Spaquatoria” that has a unique composition of medicinal herbs and naturalelements.

SPA-program «Pure flax»
(90 min)
10700 ₽
SPA-programm «Longer than sex»
(120 min)
12500 ₽

Masks for face, body and hair

The main components of masks in the British Bath are sapropelicmud, clay, alpine herbs, milk, honey, that is, those components that will allow your skin toradiate beauty and health.

Hair mask «Lindzhi and Shiitake»
(15 min)
2600 ₽
Antioxidant scrub
1700 ₽
Alginate mask
1700 ₽
Moisturizing face mask
«Transformation at once»
1700 ₽
Complex face care LIA
(40 min)
4400 ₽


Wrap - one of the most effective non-hardware cosmetology procedures aimed at combatingcellulite, overweight, as well as swelling and fatigue.

Hot chocolate wrap
(30 min)
4400 ₽
Algae wrap
(30 min)
5300 ₽
Body mask «Detox»
(20 min)
3230 ₽


One of the most affordable anti-aging treatments. Peeling is based on exfoliating dead tissue. Inthe British Baths complex, we carry out only manual peeling, saving you from possible pain anddamage.

Moisturizing body butter
(10 min)
1700 ₽
Body balsam with sea oak
(10 min)
1700 ₽
Foam washing
(15 min)
3500 ₽
Washing with Moroccan soap Beldi
(20 min)
3500 ₽
Rasayana – vedic scrub with spice
(20 min)
3500 ₽
Salt body peeling with algae
(15 min)
3500 ₽
Salt peeling Flax
(20 min)
3500 ₽
Volcanic dust body peeling
(20 min)
3500 ₽

We made our best for you to have everything you need for your vacation at your elbow

The price includes:

Rent of the complex and the staff:

Heated swimming pool with spring water, plunge tub with flow spring water, big clay aromasteaming room, tub with herbal decoction, heated on an open fire.

Ritual of aroma steaming

in clay steam room “Ezhikha”

Bath equipment:

bathrobe, slippers, bath hat, towels, sheets and one-use underwear.

Krasnopolyanskiy tea, mountain honey and homemade jam

Premium cosmetics Lia:

Shampoo, hair balsam, shower gel, micellar water, face oil-essence.

Responses: «If there is haute couture awards among banya’s, our banya will win

The best feedback for us are the responses of guests. Not only when they leave us beinghappy. It is more important for us to have you back as friends!

I understand the couple and I assure you @britishbanya this is a holiday, this is joy, this is bliss close to happiness, this is peace and beauty.
I have never seen a more fabulous place, let alone filmed it. I advise everyone to visit @britishbanya, plunge into magic. But all this is created by people, the love with which @geramitrosh and @margobir take care of their work deserves great respect.
A bath worth visiting once to cleanse yourself and be reborn, as in an ancient magical ritual. So that it is inapplicable to inhale the cold fir smell, and next to it is the first drop. To better remember all this, you need to feel it and repeat it more than once.
My thoughts flew away, and the body enjoyed. We felt at home, @britishbanya is love.
British bath is a completely different product, not the one I was used to from childhood. This is a gradual warming up, pleasant procedures with rubbing with honey and salt, special percussion technique, all kinds of decoctions from eucalyptus and herbs.
britishbanya. It's already a tradition. That year, at the same time, we were the same team, today we brought Mark to get acquainted with a real bathhouse. Judging by the face of the little one, he is in admiration and not only ...

After emissions of steam, we invite you to enjoy our signature dishes from the Russian oven in “Yabloki pechem” restaurant

“Yabloki pechem”:
More details you can find on our site
Yabloki pechem

Perfect place for your event

Take the role of the host of small magic world, there is everything you need, and no one cancome in without invitation! You can relax in banya, enjoying Phoenix rebirth by our best bathattendants. You can have a dinner by fireplace and enjoy dainty dishes from the Russian oven in“Yabloki pechem” restaurant. These dishes are cooked specially for you. After all, you can goahead in the rooms of adobe house in order to fall asleep feeling happy and feeling home.

Not everyone is possible to go home anytime he wishes. However, here in this unique place, we can organize that magic atmosphere for you!

Best present from British Banya

In our British Lavka we have: collection of handmade art pottery, stylish clothes for comfort life,natural cosmetics, bath accessories and gifts of our production.

Handmade art ceramics

All the kitchenware is created in our ceramic workshop among the mountains, forests andsprings. Our artisans manually sculpt every bend - therefore, the products are obtained alive andunique. We make it with love to earth and art.

Legendary bath hats from British banya

Unique British banya bath hats are created by manual work and time-tested receipt – that is whyit can handle any temperature changes. Our bath attendants can prove it! For the last twelveyears, we did not have identical bath hats. They are perfect for banya and for dolling up.

Hoodies with unique prints

Collection of stylish hoodies is created for comfort life. You feel comfortable whether it is hot orcold due to fabric: 90% of cotton. By inspecting the best companies in the business, we createdoversize gauge for any gender and body type. Unique prints are the real pictures of painter KatyaIvanova, based on British banya views.

Choose special gifts for your family and yourself
Find more details on Instagram
British LAVKA

Gift certificates

Present your family fantastic trip to British banya – give them a certificate for emission of steamand SPA-procedures. You can choose the certificate for 50, 70 and 100 thousand ₽.

How to get to the British Banya

How to get to the British Banya We are located in the heart of the mountain village Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi

Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Komsomolsky per, 4a
+7 918 607-66-11

We will be glad to see you among our guests! Still have questions? Ask them to our administrator!

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Альгинатная маска

Price: 1700 ₽
Повышает эластичность кожи, выводит токсины, сужает поры, увлажняет и насыщает кожу микроэлементами.

Комплексный уход за лицом LIA

Price: 4400 ₽
Уход включает в себя: очищение, пилинг-маску, массаж лица с питательным маслом-эссенцией. Программа разработана специально для преображения кожи.

Антиоксидантный скраб

Price: 1700 ₽
Активизирует микроциркуляцию крови и клеточные защитные механизмы.

Увлажняющая маска для лица «Моментальное преображение»

Price: 1700 ₽
Замедляет старение, питает и устраняет сухость. Способствует уменьшению мимических морщин.

Маска для волос «Линджи и шиитаки»

Price: 2600 ₽
Питает кожу головы, укрепляет луковицу, препятствуя выпадению волос и стимулируя их рост. Придает объем и предотвращает появление секущихся концов.

Обертывание горячим шоколадом

Price: 4400 ₽
Duration: 30 min
Какао содержит большое количество витаминов и минералов, которые активизируют синтез коллагена и эластина, повышая упругость кожи, питая, смягчают и омолаживают. Антиоксиданты тонизируют, подтягивают кожу. Эта процедура обладает уникальными релаксационными свойствами, снимает усталость и заряжает энергией.

Обертывание водорослями

Price: 5300 ₽
Duration: 30 min
Очищение, детоксикация, увлажнение. Цельная живая ламинария применяется в обертывании для антицеллюлитного и лечебного эффекта за счет высокого содержания альгинатов, которые способствуют мощному дренажу и детоксу. Водоросль содержит йод в органическом виде, благодаря чему он полностью усваивается организмом. Ваша кожа становится гладкой, здоровой, увлажнённой, излучает молодость и насыщается минералами.

Маска для тела «Detox»

Price: 3230 ₽
Duration: 20 min
Увлажнение, детоксикация, очищение. Обертывание усиливает дренажные функции детоксикации. Помогает выводить из организма продукты метаболизма. Глина, имеет абсорбирующие свойства, смягчает и очищает кожу, снимает раздражение, работает как мягкий пилинг. Во время процедуры происходит полное поглощение токсинов, улучшается приток крови к поверхности кожи, исчезают отеки.

Увлажняющий крем-Баттер для тела

Price: 1700 ₽
Duration: 10 min
В основе крема масло Ши и смесь сырых масел: миндаля, персиковой косточки, макадамии и жожоба. Глубоко питает, устраняет ощущение стянутости и сухости.

Бальзам для тела с фукусом

Price: 1700 ₽
Duration: 10 min
Питает и восстанавливает защитные функции кожи, возвращает мягкость.

Пенная мойка

Price: 3500 ₽
Duration: 15 min
Вы почувствуете себя ребенком, окутанным в пушистую пену! На разогретой мраморной плите массажист, нагоняя пену, разотрет ваше тело специальной варежкой.

Мойка марокканским мылом «Бельди»

Price: 3500 ₽
Duration: 20 min
Жидкое черное мыло производится по старинной берберской традиции в Марокко и является одним из первых продуктов гигиены на земле. В его основе масло оливы, эфирные масла и измельченный эвкалипт, экстракт грейпфрута. Оно удаляет омертвевшие клетки, нежно питает и обновляет кожу, не разрушая ее структуру.

Расаяна - ведический скраб со специями

Price: 3500 ₽
Duration: 20 min
Вы можете оценить этот пряно пахнущий состав за его способность очищать, тонизировать, разглаживать и смягчать кожу. Скраб обладает антицеллюлитным действием, благодаря разогревающему эффекту специй. Процедура поддерживает молодость и бодрость, придаёт коже блеск и здоровье, успокаивает ум и дарит ощущение счастья, настраивая органы и энергетические каналы на изначальный резонанс.

Солевой пилинг для тела с водорослями

Price: 2600 ₽
Duration: 15 min
Антицеллюлитная, омолаживающая детокс программа. Очищает, выводит шлаки и токсины, наполняет кожу необходимыми минералами и полезными веществами. Подходит для всех типов кожи. Особенно эффективен перед обертываниями по коррекции фигуры и массажами.

Солевой пилинг «Лён»

Price: 3500 ₽
Duration: 20 min
Скраб с кристаллами морской соли, кембрийской голубой глиной, семенами льна и чёрного тмина глубоко очищает, шлифует и полирует кожу, создаёт эффект осмоса, активизирует дренаж и детоксикацию, устраняет отечность.

Пилинг для тела с вулканической пылью

Price: 3500 ₽
Duration: 20 min
Натуральный скраб на основе цеолита природного происхождения и сакской соли. Восстанавливает структуру коллагена, снимает отечность, наполняет кожу микроэлементами, снимает ороговевший слой кожи.

«Pure flax»

Price: 10700 ₽
Duration: 90 min
Special for those who loves immediate-action modelling and anti-cellulite effect. The body iscleaned with scrub of sea salt, Cambrian blue clay, flaxseed and black seed. The crystals of saltand blue clay create the osmosis effect, activate draining and detox of the organism, take awaythe swelling. Flax wrapping and unique mask ingredients: flaxseed decoction, juniper, tarragon,thyme, Cambrian blue clay, algae extract and vitamins. Flaxseed mask purifies the skin, activatesdraining of tissues and has a relaxing and reclaiming effect.
1. Flaxseed body scrub
2. “Flaxseed wrapping” mask
3. “Flaxseed” face mask
4. Back and feet massage

SPA-programm «Longer than sex»

Price: 12500 ₽
Duration: 120 min
SPA-ritual including oil, peeling and wrapping “The power of forest” is similar to forest bathfrom the most essential forest gifts. It strengthens health and harmonizes your thoughts. Naturalingredients and aroma will help you to de-stress, feel the goodness and recharge the batteries.
High-performance massage cream based on the decoction of pine needle, cranberry, cowberry, cedar sap, pine essential oils – nourishes and reclaims the skin, has a healing, relaxing andrejuvenating effect. Wrapping mask – is a kind of natural pharmacy. It contains vitamins,antioxidants, essential oils and improves blood circulation, activates nutrition of tissues andbecalms nervous system.
1. Total body massage with cream-butter “The power of forest”
2. Peeling “The power of forest”
3. Wrapping mask “The power of forest”
4. Face massage with cream-butter “The power of forest”

Rental rules of British Banya

Bath rental is carried out only by appointment and after prepayment!
Booking applications are accepted at least three hours before the time ofvisiting the sauna SPA complex. If the bath has already been melted, the application is acceptedupon. The date and time of the visit are considered guaranteed reserved only if you have made anon-refundable advance payment in the amount of 50 to 80 thousand ₽. (depending on theseason). Advance payment is a prerequisite for booking and is paid before the start of the visit tothe sauna SPA complex. This is a necessary measure that insures us against human non-obligation. Please treat this with understanding!
Terms of payment
The cost of renting a saunaSPA complex "BRITISH BANYA" 10 700 ₽ per person for 3 hours. Minimum order of a bath 3hours. Each additional hour - 3 500₽ per person.
Average bill for 1 person ~ 25 000 ₽, including soaring and SPA services.
Renting a complex implies that the entire BRITISH BANYA SPAcomplex and staff work only for you and your company.
At your disposal is a flowing font withlive mountain spring water, an outdoor pool, a swing, a large clay wood-burning Aromaparnaya“Hedgehog” has been melted for you, Chan “Bannika” has been warmed up with decoctions ofhealing herbs.
The rental price includes: one aroma evaporation, bath hats, slippers, sheets,towels, natural shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, a large thermos (for 5 people) of our signatureherbal infusion, assorted jams of our production and fragrant honey as well as an unforgettablerelaxing atmosphere and our hospitality.
The main services of the BRITISH BANYA SPA bathcomplex: aroma and individual soaps, SPA procedures, phyto and fresh bar, musicalaccompaniment are paid additionally and are not included in the rental price.
Children under 5years old (accompanied by adults) rest with us for free. For children from 6 to 12 years, rent andall procedures are paid at a 50% discount. For children, the time of hovering, SPA and massagesis reduced by 1/2 of that indicated in the menu.
By making a prepayment and visiting theBRITISH BANYA SPA complex, you confirm that you are familiar with and agree to the Rulesfor visiting the BRITISH BANYA SPA complex, the Fire and Personal Safety Rules, accepttheir conditions and agree with the administration for any non-compliance.
In case of violation ofthe Rules of visit, the Rules of fire and personal safety, inconsistent changes in the date, time orcancellation of visits to the Bath SPA complex "BRITISH BANYA", the advance payment orguarantee deposit is not refundable and is held as compensation for costs, expenses,compensation for direct damage and lost benefits.
In case of refusal from visiting or being late bythe reserved time of visiting the sauna SPA complex, the rental time is not recalculated, theadvance payment is not refunded.
After you make an advance payment on the agreed date andtime of visiting the sauna SPA complex, the administration does not guarantee the possibility ofchanging the period (date and / or time) of the visit. Such changes, as well as an extension of therental time, are possible only if the spa complex has an unreserved (free) period.
There is a drylaw in the BRITISH BANYA. Persons intoxicated to the territory of the bath complex are notallowed. It is not allowed to drink alcohol while visiting the bath complex.
On the territory of theBritish bath complex, bathing is allowed only by our brooms and our bath attendants.
If you havea gift certificate
Validity of the gift certificate is 1 year from the date of purchase indicated onthe certificate form. The certificate is valid only with a fiscal receipt. At the expiration of thecertificate expiration date, the deposited funds are not refundable.
Write to us in telegram