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the "British Banya"

Here go beyond understanding what a real banya

Our goal is to make you happy and your vacation unforgettable!

British Banya is

Russian banya
  • doubles on wood
  • at the same time we can steam 5 people
  • joint massage
  • rolling out of a fir broom
  • rubbing with honey and salt
  • pouring beer and kvass
Aroma evaporation
  • hemisphere in diameter 5m
  • very soft steam
  • holds 12 people
  • we use decoctions only from fresh herbs
  • good start for a bathing day
Chan of Bannik
  • holds 6 people
  • temperature 40-41 degrees
  • heated by live fire
  • filled with spring water with oak broth
  • spring water
  • temperature +8 degrees
  • depth 2m
  • An ideal place to go to astral after soaring in British Banya
  • depth up to 2m
  • filled with spring water
  • oxygen filtration system

Choose a soaring ritual and relax

Aroma evaporation

Fragrant heating in one go at low temperature. It is carried out in the clay aroma-steam "Hedgehog" melted on firewood. From 1 to 12 people can take part in the procedure.
COST: 4400 rub
DURATION: 20 min

First steam

Performs one bath attendant. Soaring for children in one go.
COST: 3500 rub
DURATION: 15 min


Performs one bath attendant. Soaring in two runs with grinding with honey and salt and cooling the head with beer or kvass.
COST: 7820 rub
DURATION: 30 min

Gladysheva's Cloud

Perform two bath attendants. Soaring in one go with rubbing with honey. The procedure includes a hair mask "Lingzhi and Shiitaki."
COST: 9800 rub
DURATION: 45 min

Almost favorite

Perform two to three bath attendants. Soaring in one go. With rubbing with honey and salt. It is performed at a high temperature in the steam room.
COST: 10700 rub
DURATION: 30 min


Perform two bath attendants. Soaring in two runs with grinding with honey and salt, cooling with beer or kvass and rolling out with a fir broom.
COST: 14930 rub
DURATION: 45 min

Stalevarskoe extreme

Perform two bath attendants. Two full vapors at high temperatures with rubbing honey with salt and head massage with beer.
COST: 16100 rub
DURATION: 50 min

Try our SPA treatments using only natural organic cosmetics


In the British Bath you will get acquainted with various massage techniques. We do all massages based on natural sesame and coconut oils.

Masks for face, body and hair

The main components of masks in the British Bath are sapropelic mud, clay, alpine herbs, milk, honey, that is, those components that will allow your skin to radiate beauty and health.


Wrap - one of the most effective non-hardware cosmetology procedures aimed at combating cellulite, overweight, as well as swelling and fatigue.


One of the most affordable anti-aging treatments. Peeling is based on exfoliating dead tissue. In the British Baths complex, we carry out only manual peeling , saving you from possible pain and damage.

During the bath you will find a tea party with healing decoctions of herbs

We suggest you not to go home after hovering and enjoy our specialties on the grill and from the Russian oven in the Yabloki Pechem restaurant, as well as a good night's sleep in our fabulous adobe house at the British Banya

Restaurant “Yabloki Pechem”

Restaurant “Yabloki Pechem” is
  • terrace with mountain view
  • fireplace
  • Russian oven
  • barbecue
  • fresh local produce
Read more in the instagram
Yabloki Pechem

Our adobe house

An adobe house is an unforgettable place completely built by hand, each room is made of natural wood and clay. The guest here does not just stop to rest - he is charged with energy and goodness.

The house, unlike the restaurant and the bath complex, is the owner’s private house. Accommodation in the house is possible only on condition of booking the bath complex, or if you are a friend of Gera Mitrosh, or you can recommend one of our friends.

We will close under you if you have a wedding, corporate event, anniversary or birthday.

Take on the role of the owner of a small magical world, where there is everything, but there is no one who could come in without an invitation! You can relax in the bathnya, having survived the revival of the Phoenix with the help of our professional bathhouse attendants, go out in the towel and have dinner with the softest lamb from the Russian oven, prepared especially for you, and then continue in the rooms of the adobe house the same way, in the bath towel and slippers, to fall asleep a truly happy person who will not lie, thinking to himself: "I am at home!"

Not everyone can afford to go home at any time, but here in our unique home we can organize this magical atmosphere for you!

Have you decided to spend your
birthday in Krasnaya Polyana, in the mountains, with your closest ones? This is for you!
If you want to relax with your loved one away from prying eyes - we will arrange it!
Or maybe you are already planning a wedding, and need a bachelorette party or a bachelor party? We can do it!

And our panoramic roof is perfect for the wedding itself! Enter a new life with our help!

Do you want to invite foreign partners and show the breadth of the Russian soul, but do not want to be distracted from affairs by external factors? We will do everything so that no one can disturb you! We will close our entire adobe house with a panoramic roof, the whole cozy restaurant with an open fireplace and the entire sauna complex just for you!

How to get
to the British Banya

We are located in the heart of the mountain village Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi

Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Komsomolsky per, 4a
+7 918 607-66-11
We will be glad to see you among our guests!
Still have questions? Ask them to our administrator!
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Rental rules of
British Banya

Bath rental is carried out only by appointment and after prepayment!
Booking applications are accepted at least three hours before the time of visiting the sauna SPA complex. If the bath has already been melted, the application is accepted upon. The date and time of the visit are considered guaranteed reserved only if you have made a non-refundable advance payment in the amount of 50 to 80 thousand ₽. (depending on the season). Advance payment is a prerequisite for booking and is paid before the start of the visit to the sauna SPA complex. This is a necessary measure that insures us against human non-obligation. Please treat this with understanding!
Terms of payment
The cost of renting a sauna SPA complex "BRITISH BANYA" 10 700 ₽ per person for 3 hours. Minimum order of a bath 3 hours. Each additional hour - 3 500₽ per person.
Average bill for 1 person ~ 25 000 ₽, including soaring and SPA services.
Renting a complex implies that the entire BRITISH BANYA SPA complex and staff work only for you and your company.
At your disposal is a flowing font with live mountain spring water, an outdoor pool, a swing, a large clay wood-burning Aromaparnaya “Hedgehog” has been melted for you, Chan “Bannika” has been warmed up with decoctions of healing herbs.
The rental price includes: one aroma evaporation, bath hats, slippers, sheets, towels, natural shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, a large thermos (for 5 people) of our signature herbal infusion, assorted jams of our production and fragrant honey as well as an unforgettable relaxing atmosphere and our hospitality.
The main services of the BRITISH BANYA SPA bath complex: aroma and individual soaps, SPA procedures, phyto and fresh bar, musical accompaniment are paid additionally and are not included in the rental price.
Children under 5 years old (accompanied by adults) rest with us for free. For children from 6 to 12 years, rent and all procedures are paid at a 50% discount. For children, the time of hovering, SPA and massages is reduced by 1/2 of that indicated in the menu.
By making a prepayment and visiting the BRITISH BANYA SPA complex, you confirm that you are familiar with and agree to the Rules for visiting the BRITISH BANYA SPA complex, the Fire and Personal Safety Rules, accept their conditions and agree with the administration for any non-compliance.
In case of violation of the Rules of visit, the Rules of fire and personal safety, inconsistent changes in the date, time or cancellation of visits to the Bath SPA complex "BRITISH BANYA", the advance payment or guarantee deposit is not refundable and is held as compensation for costs, expenses, compensation for direct damage and lost benefits.
In case of refusal from visiting or being late by the reserved time of visiting the sauna SPA complex, the rental time is not recalculated, the advance payment is not refunded.
After you make an advance payment on the agreed date and time of visiting the sauna SPA complex, the administration does not guarantee the possibility of changing the period (date and / or time) of the visit. Such changes, as well as an extension of the rental time, are possible only if the spa complex has an unreserved (free) period.
There is a dry law in the BRITISH BANYA. Persons intoxicated to the territory of the bath complex are not allowed. It is not allowed to drink alcohol while visiting the bath complex.
On the territory of the British bath complex, bathing is allowed only by our brooms and our bath attendants.
If you have a gift certificate
Validity of the gift certificate is 1 year from the date of purchase indicated on the certificate form. The certificate is valid only with a fiscal receipt. At the expiration of the certificate expiration date, the deposited funds are not refundable.