Program “Trio”

For people close in spirit

Program description

Aromaparenie with herbal decoctions in clay steam room gently helps to relax and gently heats the whole body.

After you will go to warm hammam body washing with Moroccan soap “Beldi” in order to clear your skin and prepare it the further main parenie ritual.

Our banschiks will get you acquainted with bright and intensive parenie treatment “Almost favorite”: try rubbing with mount honey and salt, pouring cold beer and kvass, hot dance with whisks.

Abhyanga massage with Tibetan bowls and sesame oil will be the brilliant ending of the program. You will immediately feel deep relaxation with the help of charming sounds, an invisible energy revives and body vibrates from within.


  • Rent of the whole complex with staff
  • Banya accessories
  • Aromaparenie in clay steam room “Ezhikha” 20 min
  • Body washing with Moroccan beldi soap 20 min
  • Parenie treatment “Almost favorite” with 2 banschiks 30 min
  • Face mask of your choice
  • Abhyanga massage 60 min
  • Bannik’s tank with herbal decoctions
  • Wooden bath and pool with spring water
  • Thermos bottle with herbal tea
  • Home-made jam
  • Mountain chestnut honey
3 hours
106 500 rub.
95 850 rub.
with the discount of 10%

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We are located at the very heart of Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi

Komsomolskiy Ln., 4a, Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi
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+7 918 607-66-11
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We are always glad to see you at our banya! Still have questions? You may ask our administrators and receive a professional response!

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British Banya rules of renting

Whole complex rent
3 hours per person - 10700 rub.
  • Rent of the whole complex with staff
  • 3 steam rooms
  • Heated pool
  • 2 wooden baths
  • Seating area with swing
  • Open terrace with mount view
  • Bannik’s tank with herbal decoctions
  • Aromaparenie ritual
  • Banya accessories
  • Herbal tea with home -made jam
Main services
  • Parenie treatments by banschiks from 10160 ₽ to 35000 ₽
  • Massages from 3140 ₽
  • Peelings from 3500 ₽
  • Spa programs from 12500 ₽
  • Masks and wrappings from 1700 ₽
Non refundable deposit  required for the reservation of whole complex‍

For groups of 2 and more:
Mon-Thu - 60 000 rub.
Fri-Sun - 70 000 rub.

For those who prefer to spend time
on their own - 50 000 rub.
The maximum number of guests is 25
Banya is available for rent by reservation only and after making an advance payment
Children under 5 y.o. (accompanied by adult) are free of charge. Rent and all the procedures are 50% off for children from 6 to 12 y.o.
Alcohol is prohibited on the territory of British Banya. Persons in a state of alcoholic intoxication will not be allowed into banya complex. Consumption of alcohol during the visit of complex is prohibited.
Parenie done with our own whisks by banschiks of our company only is allowed on the territory of British Banya.
If you have a gift card
The gift card is valid for 1 year from the purchase date, which is indicated on card form. The gift card is valid only if you have fiscal receipt. If the gift card validity has expired, funds are not subject to refund.


Fragrant heating in one round with gentle temperature. Done in clay steam room “Ezhikha” heated on wood with herbal decoctions on spring water. Steam room capacity is up to 12 people.

Body washing with Moroccan beldi soap

Black liquid soad is manufactured following an old Berber tradition of Morocco and appears to be one of the first products of personal hygiene. It is made of olive oil, essences, crushed eucalyptus and grapefruit extract. It rejuvenates and nourishes skin, carefully preserving its structure.

“Almost favorite”

Would be beloved by those who like rich and intensive heating. Performed by two banschiks in one round with honey and salt rubbing. Carried out at high temperature in steam room.