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The whole range of premium bath services with a visit to your own bath

How does it work?

Choose the date for your full bathing day with your guests – then just call to British banya. Ourteam will do the job

Bath attendants prepare the banya: they adjust it to the appropriate temperature, create theatmosphere using special decoctions and prepare the bath besoms. Then starts the bath sacrament:warming up, rubbing and steaming.
It is important to find out how many guests will be with you when you order bath catering. Theamount of bath attendants depends on the amount of guests. If only four guests want to haveemission of steam – it is better to invite two bath attendants. However, if you have more guests –we recommend you to use three or even more specialists. Such a sensible approach allows our bathattendants to stay strong and that means that the process of steaming will be of high quality.
In terms of bath catering, specialists of Britsh Banya use tools that are available for guests at thecomplex territory. As to bath besoms – we offer at choice birch, oak, firry and linden besoms. Asto decoctions – it can be wormwood, thyme, melilot and gum-tree. You do not have to worry aboutorganization: bath attendants bring the sheets, the bedspread for steaming, various peelings andeven herbal tea. By the way, bath catering has one more advantage: at the territory of British banyawe have a dry law, but in your own banya you can have your own rules.
You can add a high-quality massage to your bath procedures. Our specialist can visit you with amassage table, sheets,
and oils – just relax and enjoy!
Prices: service of one bath attendant — 10 000 rub per hour. Banya preparation (cleaning) — 1 000 rub.

How to get to the British Banya

How to get to the British Banya We are located in the heart of the mountain village Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi

Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Komsomolsky per, 4a
+7 918 607-66-11

We will be glad to see you among our guests! Still have questions? Ask them to our administrator!

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Rental rules of British Banya

Bath rental is carried out only by appointment and after prepayment!
Booking applications are accepted at least three hours before the time ofvisiting the sauna SPA complex. If the bath has already been melted, the application is acceptedupon. The date and time of the visit are considered guaranteed reserved only if you have made anon-refundable advance payment in the amount of 50 to 80 thousand ₽. (depending on theseason). Advance payment is a prerequisite for booking and is paid before the start of the visit tothe sauna SPA complex. This is a necessary measure that insures us against human non-obligation. Please treat this with understanding!
Terms of payment
The cost of renting a saunaSPA complex "BRITISH BANYA" 10 700 ₽ per person for 3 hours. Minimum order of a bath 3hours. Each additional hour - 3 500₽ per person.
Average bill for 1 person ~ 25 000 ₽, including soaring and SPA services.
Renting a complex implies that the entire BRITISH BANYA SPAcomplex and staff work only for you and your company.
At your disposal is a flowing font withlive mountain spring water, an outdoor pool, a swing, a large clay wood-burning Aromaparnaya“Hedgehog” has been melted for you, Chan “Bannika” has been warmed up with decoctions ofhealing herbs.
The rental price includes: one aroma evaporation, bath hats, slippers, sheets,towels, natural shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, a large thermos (for 5 people) of our signatureherbal infusion, assorted jams of our production and fragrant honey as well as an unforgettablerelaxing atmosphere and our hospitality.
The main services of the BRITISH BANYA SPA bathcomplex: aroma and individual soaps, SPA procedures, phyto and fresh bar, musicalaccompaniment are paid additionally and are not included in the rental price.
Children under 5years old (accompanied by adults) rest with us for free. For children from 6 to 12 years, rent andall procedures are paid at a 50% discount. For children, the time of hovering, SPA and massagesis reduced by 1/2 of that indicated in the menu.
By making a prepayment and visiting theBRITISH BANYA SPA complex, you confirm that you are familiar with and agree to the Rulesfor visiting the BRITISH BANYA SPA complex, the Fire and Personal Safety Rules, accepttheir conditions and agree with the administration for any non-compliance.
In case of violation ofthe Rules of visit, the Rules of fire and personal safety, inconsistent changes in the date, time orcancellation of visits to the Bath SPA complex "BRITISH BANYA", the advance payment orguarantee deposit is not refundable and is held as compensation for costs, expenses,compensation for direct damage and lost benefits.
In case of refusal from visiting or being late bythe reserved time of visiting the sauna SPA complex, the rental time is not recalculated, theadvance payment is not refunded.
After you make an advance payment on the agreed date andtime of visiting the sauna SPA complex, the administration does not guarantee the possibility ofchanging the period (date and / or time) of the visit. Such changes, as well as an extension of therental time, are possible only if the spa complex has an unreserved (free) period.
There is a drylaw in the BRITISH BANYA. Persons intoxicated to the territory of the bath complex are notallowed. It is not allowed to drink alcohol while visiting the bath complex.
On the territory of theBritish bath complex, bathing is allowed only by our brooms and our bath attendants.
If you havea gift certificate
Validity of the gift certificate is 1 year from the date of purchase indicated onthe certificate form. The certificate is valid only with a fiscal receipt. At the expiration of thecertificate expiration date, the deposited funds are not refundable.
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