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We are glad to inform you that now on you can offer any massage to your hotel directly or at any time at Banya complex. You choose the time convenient for you.

We offer 10% discount if you take a full course of massage.

Classical massages


Express-massage (cervicobrachial zone) 10 min 

Back massage 20 min

Feet massage 20 min

Legs massage 20 min

Cervicobrachial zone massage 15 min

Back and legs massage 40 min

Whole body 1 hour

Symphony of the massage 1 hour

You choose the music, master chooses the technique and you creates the symphony)

Relax massage 1 hour

(blind massage technique)

4 hands massage 1 hour

Correctional massages


Energy facial massage 20 min

Spanish technique - correction, facelift.

Spanish massage (lymphatic drainage) 1 hour

Honey massage (anti-cellulite) 1 hour 30 min

Body correction (3 hour -one part)

(massage- liposuction. Effective if a course) 

Fitness (40 min) 

Thai massage (1 hour 20 min) 

Ayurdevic massages


Energy punctate massage of the body (1 hour) 

Ayurveda Indian massage (1 hour) 

Relaxing massage (1 hour) 

Indian feet massage (20 min) 

Indian hand massage (20 min)

Shirodhara (30 min) 

(warm oil slowly touching your third eye)

Head massage (20 min) 

Head and face massage (40 min) 

Face massage (20min) 

Leg massage (30 min) 

Bruch massage (15 min)